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One of best dental experiences in my life

June 22, 2017

Going here was by far one of best dental experiences in my life, and I don’t know many who would say that about a dental experience. I had wisdom teeth removed over three different sessions, and each one was better than the previous. They really take the time to prepare you fully for each procedure and provide you everything need in terms of information and care for post op. My most recent visit was a blessing in many ways I had not expected. I had an impacted upper wisdom tooth that was hours from putting in the ER, but tDr. Murphy and his team got me in that day and got both of my top wisdom teeth out in under half an hour, it was incredible. The biggest bonus to come out of it was my sinuses feel more open than they ever have in my life! I can breathe so much easier and had no idea my wisdom teeth were causing such a negative impact on them. I’m healing very well after this procedure and experienced so little pain or discomfort during the procedure that I never once apprehensively thought of myself as being in a dental chair. Dr. Murphy is the best of the best, and I would recommend him to anyone without a doubt in my mind. Thank you Dr. Murphy and all of staff, you are truly incredible people!


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